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The commercial painters from Denver Painting Service Company are here to provide the commercial painting services that your office or building needs. Our commercial painters are dedicated to ensuring happy clients among property management companies, apartment communities, offices, and buildings. Our commercial painting services are for indoor and outdoor commercial paint projects. Reach out today and let a professional commercial painter offer you a free quote or on site estimate.


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Why choose our Commercial Painters

The commercial painters from Denver Painting Service Company are here to help with your building or office painting service needs. Our professional commercial painters are here to walk you through the process from initial consultation through the painted product. We are dedicated to providing high quality commercial painting services to Denver, Colorado property managers, owners, and businesses. Reach out today to set up your free commercial painting estimate.

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Professional Commercial Painters for Every Job

Commercial painters should be clear and thorough throughout the commercial painting service. Our Commercial painters are here to help.

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Choose From Over 100 Commercial Paint Color & Material Samples

Commercial painting services can not begin without the proper commercial paint products. Our commercial painting company can help with selection to match material.

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Free Commercial Painting Quote & Consultations

Get a free quote for your commercial painting services from our commercial painters.

Interior Commercial Painting

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The most important part of most painting services is properly painting the walls. Our team will take the appropriate preparation with your home or business by taping edges, removing wall plates, patching and sanding, etc. 


Decorative painting is a common request for things like accent walls.

Doors & Baseboards

Correctly painting your doors and baseboards becomes an important part of the finishing touches on any professional interior painting service.

Staining & Refinishing

Staining and refinishing hardwood floors, banisters, rails, and more is very common in Denver. When you have a beautiful wood foundation, we can help you make it shine in the tone of your choosing.


Repainting cabinets is a common elected choice by homeowners that seek to do basic remodels and change up the look of their home. We can dismantle, paint, and assemble your cabinets so it’s done right.

Exterior Commercial Painting

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Denver Painting Service Company can paint the exterior walls and face of your home or building. Let us help ensure the right preparation and materials go into your painting service so that it lasts.


If you want to seal or reseal your deck or patio, Denver Painting Service Company is here to help.


Fence painting is easy if done right. Let our professional painters show you how it’s done with preparation and execution of high quality service.


Waterproofing services are something we can offer at the request of our clients. Fill out a form to ask for more information.

pressure Washing

Pressure washing services are another common request from Denver home and business owners. Our professional painters can also pressure wash the areas you need.

Commercial Painters Samples

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Color Samples

Color samples are always worth looking at because it will give you an idea of what the finished product will look like.

Material Samples

We can show you a variety of material samples to help you through the decision making stage, informed and confident.

Interior Design

Not Sure what colors will look the best? Neither are we, but we can help determine what would be fitting based on scenario.

Onsite Consultation

If we’re painting more than a room or two, then it’s best to get an on site consultation from one of our painting specialists.

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About Us

Commercial Painters Committed to Quality Commercial Painting Services

The Denver commercial painters at Denver Painting Service Company are focused on providing a quality service. Offering a high quality commercial painting service is crucial in making sure that our customers stay happy with the results of their investment. Any commercial painter from our company will do their best to ensure that your building or office are painted efficiently and correctly.

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